Linexpo Ky has been founded in 2004 for natural product wholesale
and retail.

Our purpose is to improve the knowledge and use of domestic mushrooms, herbs and berries in Finland.

Our well-trained pickers guarantee the high quality of our products.Our experts organize training courses, most popular ones are picker trainings.

Traditionally preserving the natural products has usually been a bit of problematic but we have solved the problem by drying the raw materials.
Drying improves preserving for example mushrooms up to ten years
including the nutritious substance. Dried product is preserved best in
a dark, dry and cool place packed in vacuum. Dried mushrooms are easy to use: only few minutes soak will be enough and it is ready to use!

We have developed soup and sauce basis of mushrooms, herbs and
vegetables. Our products have no lactose, added ingrediants or preservatives.

All products are available by season, dried ones available all the year round.

*  Horn chantarelle soup
*  Boleti soup
*  Forest mushroom sauce
*  Chantarelle sauce
*  Horn of plenty sauce
*  Nettle soup
*  Wild vegetable soup
*  Wild vegetable-forest mushroom soup


How to order?

1. Send us an email with information of how many and which products you wish to get.
Also remember to give us your address where we can send the products to. We'll get
back to you shortly with all the bank details etc. that you need!

2. Please pay your order and we will send the products as soon as possible. If you order 20 or more, there will be no postage.

Should you have any inquiries at all please contact by e-mail and we'll get back shortly!



LINEXPO Ky  Y-tunnus 1771598-5

+ 358 - 40 - 569 7920 / Mrs Aini Koskinen
Sales and inquieries: linexpo (at) linexpo.fi  /  Mrs Aini Koskinen